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Bounty, community, and wellness
in California's Capay Valley



At Polestar Farm, we believe nourishment and community are both essential to human health and happiness. In working to provide these things, we're learning just how much joy and love are present in the labor of growing.



When Jim and Karina Knight purchased this land, they weren't looking to simply buy an orchard. They hope to create a gathering place for wellness, community, and sharing bounty. The Polestar name has been used in their family for decades. In this newest endeavor, they remain guided by a sense of certainty and direction, not unlike that granted by the North Star.


Our produce

Polestar Farm is a 12-acre property nestled in the Capay region of Northern California, just east of Lake Berryessa and a stone's throw from some of Yolo County's finest growers. We're a new, family-owned operation, tending to over 800 Royal Blenheim apricot trees, 400 Elegant Lady peaches and 50 Skeena cherries.